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수정 삭제
[170,Musculoskeletal [MS]] 65/F,Lt. hypothenar area tingling sense (3YA)
Subspecialty Musculoskeletal [MS]
Classification Normal variant
Difficulty For resident,Rare case,
Modality US,MR,
Hee-Dong Chae,2017-12-28
실제 이미지
Ultrasonography of the left wrist showed ulnar neurovascular bundle passing through Guyon’s canal. There was an abnormal hypoechoic structure anterior to the Guyon’s canal. It can be more clearly demonstrated if you compare both wrists.
실제 이미지
When we traced distally along the course of this structure, it was located in the ulnar aspect of the wrist and hypothenar area.
실제 이미지
The longitudinal view well demonstrated the overall course of the structure overlying the ulnar nerve and artery.
실제 이미지
After the US exam, the patient underwent wrist MRI and that structure showed similar signal intensity to the adjacent muscles.
실제 이미지
The course of the structure was well demonstrated on coronoal images traversing the anterior aspect of ulnar neurovascular bundle.
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