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수정 삭제
[195,Genitourinary [GU]] 36/M,A 36 years old pregnant woman presented with growing right ovarian mass.
Subspecialty Genitourinary [GU]
Classification Etc
Difficulty For resident,
Modality US,MR,
Park SB,2019-06-04
실제 이미지
Transabdominal US of the right ovary at 12 weeks of the pregnancy shows complex cystic mass within papillary projection. Presence of normal ovarian tissue is also noted.
실제 이미지
Transabdominal US at 20 weeks of the pregnancy of the right ovary show increased size with papillary projections and solid portions within the masses.
실제 이미지
Color Doppler US of the right ovary at 22 weeks shows present vascularity of the solid portion within the mass.
실제 이미지
T2-weighted MR image shows high signal intensity broad based mural nodule within the mass and IUP.
실제 이미지
ADC map of the diffusion-weighted MR image shows high ADC value (2.02 x 10-3 mm2/s).
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