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Journal of Korean Society of Ultrasound in Medicine 2003 ; 22 (3) : p.139-141
Atypical Cystic Manifestation of Acute Pyelonephritis on Initial Ultrasonographic Examination: A Case Report
Eun Jeong Choi, M.D. Kyeong Ah Kim, M.D., Cheol Min Park, M.D., Jean Hwa Lee, M.D., Jae Woong Choi, M.D., Hae Young Seol, M.D.
Department of Radiology, Guro Hospital, Korea University College of Medicine
We present a case of acute pyelonephritis with an atypical imaging manifestation mimicking renal cyst on initial ultrasonogram (US). On follow-up US, this cyst mimicking lesion transformed to a mass with heterogeneous echo and then disappeared completely following treatment.
Keyword : Kidney, US Kidney, inflammation
pdf파일 : 139-141 최은정.pdf 139-141 최은정.pdf