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Journal of Korean Society of Ultrasound in Medicine 2003 ; 22 (3) : p.151-156
US Findings of Breast Sparganosis
Yoon Soo Kim, M.D. Mi Soo Hwang, M.D., Jae Kyo Lee, M.D., Dong Sug Kim, M.D.*, Sang Kwnon Lee, M.D.**
Department of Radiology, Yeungnam University College of Medicine Department of pathology, Yeungnam University College of Medicine* Dr. Lee’s Radiologic clinic**
PURPOSE : To evaluate the ultrasonographic appearances of breast sparganosis. MATERIALS and METHODS : We retrospectively reviewed ultrasonographic findings of five patients (mean age = 53 years) with pathologically proven breast sparganosis The shape, location, and surrounding boundary echo were evaluated. In addition, mammographic findings and clinical signs were also included. RESULTS : All patients presented with palpable masses. On ultrasonogram, all cases showed hypoechoic tubular mass and increased surrounding fat echo were observed. Four cases showed heterogeneous internal echo. Lesions were located in the subcutaneous fat layer in four cases and glandular tissue in one case. Three cases were located in the upper outer quadrant, and two cases, in the lower inner quadrant. Mammograms showed tubular increased density in two cases. CONCLUSION : Hypoechoic tubular mass with internal heterogeneous echo and increased surrounding fat echo in the subcutaneous fat layer can be the reliable ultrasonographic findings of breast sparganosis.
Keyword : Breast, diseases Breast, US Breast radiography
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